“Shark Tae – Shark Jing” join forces with “RoboCloud”, a Thai company developing industrial robots to grow globally

PUBLISHED ON July, 13 2023

In Shark Tank Thailand Season 3, the presentation of Robocloud Company Limited, a Thai company that is the inventor of the development of industrial automation and robots known as the Robotic & Automation System, achieved engagement by a joint venture from “Shark Tae Bhurit Bhirombhakdi” and “Shark Jing Chanapun Juangroongruangkit”, which are two CEOs from leading companies in Thailand. Recently, signing a cooperation agreement to develop and promote potential Thai people, as well as jointly drive business towards domestic and international growth.

“Shark Tae Bhurit Bhirombhakdi”, CEO/President of Boon Rawd Brewery Co., Ltd. and Chief Executive Officer of Boon Rawd Trading Co., Ltd. informed that “by serving as “Shark” on Shark Tank Thailand, I had the opportunity to meet talented Thai entrepreneurs in various industries with impressive business models. But most of them are unable to grow because of the difficulties of capital and experience in doing business. However, joining this investment with RoboCloud will build opportunities and develop the potential to expand business automation and robotics to use in industrial plants (Robotic & Automation Systems) both domestically and internationally. Specifically in the era where digital technology plays a role in driving the manufacturing industry to become a Smart Factory. I am confident that the experience in marketing and production that the group of Boon Rawd Brewery companies has, can be useful in developing a system to fulfill the necessities of the manufacturing market more efficiently.”

By supporting RoboCloud, a Thai company with a group of new generations of executives doing business with passion and expertise in the field of Mechatronics, which is a field covering mechanical, electronics and robotics parts led by Kong-Pitoon Watkaphat, which the technology of the Robocloud team, in addition to assisting and upgrade the Thai industry, but can also grow and expand overseas markets.

“Shark Jing Chanapun Juangroongruangkit”, Senior Vice President of Thai Summit Autoparts Industry Co., Ltd. commented that Thai Summit mainly focuses on the use of Automation in the production process. Currently, the Thai Summit Group is one of the largest robot parts manufacturers, using robots and mechanical components in production that must be able to seamlessly connect with machines to perform efficiency and manufacturing accuracy, as well as reduce waste caused by the production process. Thai Summit has a team of engineers to design and develop work in these areas. The company is confident that in addition to the investment funding provided to RoboCloud, it can support research and development, market expansion, and new products.

Shark Jing understands that entrepreneurs who are seeking investment funds will usually expect other support from Shark as well. Especially as a small entrepreneur or a person who has just started a business, they intend to expect a lot, whether it is to help advise on marketing, finance, or Know-How for product development. Accordingly, choosing to invest each time will support the expectations of entrepreneurs as much as possible as discussed before investing, as in the case of Robocloud companies, for example. However, congratulations to Pitoon Watkaphat and Tipwadee Kaweewattanakorn who demonstrated potential and determination and were able to draw two sharks to invest.

Pitoon Watkaphat, President of RoboCloud Co., Ltd. said that RoboCloud after receiving investment from Boon Rawd Brewery Co., Ltd., and Thai Summit said “We are growing and expanding rapidly as our two investors support with technology and business as well as co-innovate in the food/beverage and automotive parts industries. We are ready to be the leading company in providing automation and robotics services in domestic and international markets. We aim to be a service leader, and we are ready to share and be a source of learning for both the education sector and the private sector by being a part of the development of the country’s people.

As for Robocloud Co., Ltd., it has been in business for the 8th year under a team of engineers with expertise in mechatronics, therefore containing the ability to design and apply technology to develop production systems to meet the needs of each group of customers as expected (Customization) including the design and installation of automatic machines, the creation of robotic systems, the creation of management and production programs, as well as the creation of automated warehouses. All of these, the main goal of ours is to develop automation systems that allow factories to operate various systems to work completely by just pressing a single button (One Touch Manufacturing) and to become one of the leaders in manufacturing systems in Thailand for stepping into Digital Transformation in the future.